PM: Sleeping and Eating

Sleeps a lot, and cooks, but I'm still in better shape than you...

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Lemon Pie

An Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) TACP (Tactical Air Control Party) JTAC (Joint Terminal Attack Controller) pictured while on an exercise with other AFSOC forces. Note the M4A1 with M203 grenade launcher carried by the special operator.TACPs with AFSOC Special Tactics Squadrons and the 17th Air Support Operations Squadron deploy with special operations forces in order to provide terminal attack control and fire support expertise. Acting as the bridge between special ops on the ground and fire power in the air, TACPs play a vital role in operations.
Hopefully future job

"I want you so badly. 
I want to curl my hands into every shape your bones can mold them into. 
I want to kiss you until our lips are indistinguishable from each other. 
I want to hold you. 
I want to love you. 
I want you.
I want to be your good morning, your goodnight, and everything in between. 
I want to make you coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon and too many glasses of wine past midnight. 
I want you. 
I want to find your weakness, your soft spots. 
I want to leave desire-shaped bruises on your neck and bite marks on your thighs. 
I want every crease and corner of you there is. 
I want your flaws and blemishes and everything that makes you so achingly perfect. 
I want the sun spots on your chest and the stardust in your smile and the road rash on the heels of your hands. 
I want you. I want you. I want you. "

- You keep my heart beating, but I could love you until it stops. (via because-she-loves-words)

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"The loneliest moment in someones life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly."

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